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195- maugan-ra
I like him, but you have to play a few games to see how he fairs in your list.
177- reapers x5 w/ exarch: tempest, fast shot
177- reapers x5 w/ exarch: tempest, fast shot
For anti-tank, you should really consider giving your Dark Reaper Exarchs a Missile launcher with fast shot. That adds 4 anti-tank shots to your army.

Also, keep the farseer with doom, guide and spirit stones. Put him next to your Reapers or with your dire avengers.

143- guardian x10 w/eml and warlock w/conceal, singing spear
143- guardian x10 w/eml and warlock w/conceal, singing spear
165- dire avengers x9 w/exarch: bladestorm, defend, pw, shimmershield
If you can work out the points, the DA make an excelent anti-troop squad if they are in the wave serpent. You can Star Engine the Serpent across the board to a nice location, then hop out in turn 2 unleashing 32 shots. If you bring the farseer with them, they can get re-roles to hit and to wound. Thats A LOT of armour saves. :biggrin: Just give your DA Exarch Bladestorm and 2 Shuriken Catipults if you use them in the Wave Serpent. Otherwise he is good the way he is. You might want to drop bladestorm because you will probly be more effective moving then using fleet of foot to get into charge range. Never done this myself because ive never used DA with out the serpent.

Why bring 3 infantry squads!? The Eldar are HORRIBLE with infantry like the guardians. The ONLY way those guardian would be useful is if you get them in close and you can only effectively do this with a wave serpent. I would Drop a guardian squad for either a nice squad of Striking Scorpions (Deep Strike them) or that wave serpent i was talking about for the DA.
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