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Hello dead Emperor worshipers. I never thought I'd find myself here (being a Chaos player) but my brother and I have decided to do something QUITE different. As he plays Ultramarines and I play Chaos (Deadguard), we decided to make each others 1K army lists, so he can you with Chaos and i with loyalists (then swap at game time).

The idea is we can use the models we have but as different chapters (so he can make my army slaanesh even though they are green and i can make his Salamanders even though they are blue) and we make the army as if it is ours to try and win with! Here is what i came up with for a first time SM army (and a rather fluffy one at that).

Vulkan He'stan

5 Scouts with Heavy Bolter w/ hellfire rounds in a Land Speeder for dedicated transport with a heavy flamer attached. (113)

5 Scouts with sniper rifles and camo cloaks. (70)

7 tactical with melta gun + rhino (153)

Sternguard Veteran squadx5 w/ 2 Heavy flamers in a razor back w/ twin linked heavy flamer with Vulkan He'Stan (200)

Dreadnaught armed with Multi Melta and Power Fist w/ Heavy Flamer attached and droppod transport (170)

5 Devastators w/ 2 Plasma Cannons and 1 Multi Melta (110)

So I calculate this at 1001 points. Let me know what you think.

[Edit]: feed back please guys, I want this army to be a solid army to for my brother to play with.
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