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1000 RG Successor: Clinical Strike

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So, being short on time and money I'm still looking to relight a bit of WH hobby over the summer, and have been going through the codexi making footslogging lists/min. vehicles. Here's Space Marines' go. The list may not be optimised but will only be for casual use. It seems to perfectly embody Codex Astartes lightning attacks. Sure having Shrike in low points isn't that fluffy but hey. Successor Raven Guard chapter, everything starts the game on the opponents side of the board - bar the Storm which will be held in reserve for claiming my own objective/mopping up late game (though if I get the first turn may Scout and first turn charge ;)). Combi-melta on the cc scouts is a bit extravagant, but originally it was a Thunder Hammer on the Assault Marines and 5 points spare so hey. Obviously Shrike's with the Assault Marines for a bit of first turn charging.


Shrike: The Raven’s Talons (195)


10 Scouts: BP&CCW, Power Fist, Combi-melta (175)

10 Tactical Marines: Melta, Multi-Melta, Power Fist (235)
Drop Pod

5 Scouts: Power Sword, Combi-Flamer (160)
Land Speeder Storm: Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack:

10 Assault Marines: 2 Flamers, Power Fist (235)

Cheers for any replies.
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