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Hi Guys, as something else to work on alongside my Imperial Knights I am slowly picking up some Cult Mechanicus forces to be used in pick up and play games at 1k. Would like to know your thoughts on the list.

HQ: Tech Priest Dominus

ELITES: 5 Corpuscarii Electro Priests

ELITES: 5 Corpuscarii Electro Priests

ELITES: 5 Fulgurite Electro Priests

TROOPS: 3 Breachers
Torsion Cannons, Arc Claws

TROOPS: 3 Destroyers
Heavy Grav Cannons, Phosphor Blasters

HEAVY: Kastellan Maniple
(2x) TL Heavy Phosphor Blasters, Incendine Combustor.

The idea is that the Dominus can join any unit (apart from Kastellans) to Tank Wounds and provide a small amout of CC prowess. The majority of people I see run PA armies hence the Grav and Torsion to try and keep armies at range (will also be mentioning S8 AP1 a lot). The Electro Priests will act as a counter charge/screen to my backfield units as well as giving me access to the mid range Canticles to get shrouded on my forces for the early game while I look to reduce my opponents mobility/scoring ability.

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