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The followers of Khorne from the Legion of Perfect clash in battle with Warboss Slaughtacus, in a border clash.

Mission: the emperor's will


Two lines of warriors form in the two fields, facing off while the sun rises on the battlefield.

Turn 1
Chaos begins to advance, mutilators and terminators in the middle and zerkers with Helbrute on the flanks, hiding behing ruins.
A small measure of shooting from the terminators strip an hull point from the 'Ard Boyz's Trukk.

Orks advance in force, focusing towards the terminators. Craters and vehicles however impede orkish movement and they can't get near enough for a charge.

Turn 2
This time terminators aim better and with bolter fire wreck the damaged trukk; the ard boyz disembarking are fried by the helbute's heavy flamer and charged by the terminators... no ork survive and they are unable to strike back... the mob of boyz behind is outraged and swear vengeance! They wanted to be the first to be in da fight!

Meanwhile a band of zerkers chages the tank bustas trukk, wreking it. The tankhunters disembark unimpeded and give a very bad look at the gitz that broke their favourite trukk...

In the Ork turn, all hell breaks loose and the WAAGH! is declared: the boyz mob charges and wipe away the mutilators, tankbustaz slaughter the zerkers, while Slaughtacus and his meganobz disembark and wreck the helbrute. The Ork jetfighter arrives and kills 2 cultists...

Turn 3
Lord Zuhfor strikes back! Supported by the remaining band of Zerkers, Zuhfor and his retinue go for the kill and charge the mighty Slaughtacus and his nobz. Challenges are launched, haeds are chopped off! When the dust settles, a terminator is dead and the orks are just skulls for the throne!

Greenskins are not so easily broken and they fight still! While the looted landraider drive fast to contest the home objective, boyz and tankbustas jump on the remnant of the chaotic army: after a furious shooting phase (where many terminatour armour fail to withstand enemy fire), the weight of the orks is too much for Zuhfor and he is brought down and left for dead by the orks, after a dreadful carnage that leave just a handful of orks on the board.

Turn 4-5-6

A handful of orcs are enough to steal the chaos objective, however, and the cultists guarding it fail to use their flamer effectively...unable to hold its own prize, chaos is left with 2 cultits that wisely sneak off the battlefield, while the dakkajet hunts for them

A creepy, silent and empty battlefield is flown over by the dakkajet... bloodshed, wrecks and dead bodies is what can be seen from the cockpit.

Orks 7 (2 objetives, kill the warlord) - Chaos 6 (kill the warlord, first blood, 4 vp from Zuhfor's command trait!)

A close victory for the orks!
If only my cultists had rolled something more than "1" when using their flamer, orks would be repelled form the objective and chaos would have won!
If only the game was to stop at the 5th turn, chaos would have won!
If only, if only...Zufhor awakens on the now dark and silent battlefield, and bellows his fury.
The Gods, in answer, laugh their scorn at him...

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Chaos army list

Lord Zuhfor

5 Khorne terminator
3 combiplasma
2 chainfists

5 Zerkers

5 Zerkers

3 Khorne Mutilators

10 cultists

Ork Army List

Warboss with mega armour

5 meganobz

looted Landraider (battlewagon)

12 'Ard boyz
boss, claw


10 Tanbuztas
3 squig bomb
2 boomstiks
boss, pole


20 Boyz
boss, claw

Warphead (joining the boyz)

Dakkajet, ace, extra shoota

Ork list was well rounded and had a great advantage in bodiweight i could not match.
Mutilatos was a real handicap: with 180 pts i could have fielded 10 khorne marked marines with flamers...that would have been game changing. :wink: Still, i'm going to use mutilators again!! BECAUSE CHAOS!!!!
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