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I've bumped into the Army Book of the Beastmen recently and theres a great feel to them. They're like the Orcs from HOMM5-Tribes of the East if you've played with that, and I loved those guys to bits too. So currently I'm more tempted to start a Beastmen army rather than WoC, especially since 8th wasn't too merciful to Chaos Warriors (tad bit too expensive to be fielded in greater numbers (read: "needed numbers"), and Marauders are just meh in comparison to Gors, right? :)). Though not having models for the best of the Rare options sucks. :(

So heres what I've been thinking of for starters:

Beastlord; Ramhorn Helm, Gouge-tusks, Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armour - 196

Bray-Shaman; lvl2, Dispel Scroll - 135
(In case a LAZOR is being CHARGED :p)

25xGor; AHW, Musician, Standard Bearer - 215

25xGor; AHW, Musician, Standard Bearer - 215

10xUngor Raiders; Musician - 63

10xBestigor; Musician, Manbane Standard - 173

Total: 997

As you can see, the core of my force is based around the Battalion, which seems to be a nice buy. What eludes me is 1, where should I put the Beastlord? 2, what Lore should I give to the Shaman?

Comment and criticism is appriciated as always. :)
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