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Afternoon all!

I am away to begin a year long fantasy campaign at my local GW as a way of getting back into the hobby after a few years out. I was hoping for some advice on my attempt at a 1000 pts list that I need to start.

Here are the rules for the campaing:

• Players will start with 1000 Point armies.
• No single unit/character choice may be over 250 points, you may spend more than 250 points on core but each unit must be no more than 250 points. Core troops must be a minimum of 250 points.
• You MUST include 1 Hero and 1 Wizard (or rune smith) no Lords. Your hero may not be a spell caster of any sort and may not have any items that carry bound spells etc. Daemon players may have to take Daemons of two different Gods as one character must not be a wizard. Your Wizard is the only thing in your army that may cast or have any spells, so no Anvils of Doom or Caskets of Souls etc, not yet anyway.
• No Special Characters.
• Armies will be chosen from a single book, no End Times yet.
• You must have 1 Rare and/or Special Choice and can only have a maximum of 1 of each.
• You may have a maximum of one Fast Cavalry Choice.
• Units may not exceed 25 models unless they cost a total of 8 or less points.
• You May only have a maximum of 1 Skirmish unit.
• You may only have a Maximum of 1 Monster.
• You may only have a maximum of 1 Warmachine. This includes things such as Steam Tanks and Iron Blasters. There are too many to list so if in doubt ask a staff member.
• You may only spend a maximum of 50 points on Magic Items/Gifts/Vampiric Powers etc. This covers the whole army.

Once you have been assigned your stronghold feel free to converse with you team mates on how best to proceed. You will each be vying for control of the Mega Map, each battle you win will earn you resources for your stronghold and the possibility of controlling additional tiles on the map.

As the Campaign progresses extra units/choices will become available to you, this will happen at least once a month. When this happens it will be a single additional choice such as add one rare choice to your army up to the value of XXX points, you may find yourself at a deficit against your opponents because of this, a Cannon for example will not cost the same as unit of Wild Riders, therefore there will be Mercenaries that will live in the cabinet that you may pull from to make up your points.

Each month will also see a new Hobby challenge as well as the campaign challenges, the first of these hobby challenges will be to have your 1000 points painted by the end of month one of the Campaign, you will essentially have 2 months to do this, all of April and all of May. Those of you able to complete this challenge will receive substantial bonuses to your stronghold going into the beginning of the second month.

So that’s it, you can get as much or as little out of this as you are willing to put time into. At the basic level you can just show up and play some games but as we delve further into the campaign new and more exciting elements will become available to you, resources, diplomacy, assassination and many more.

And my List:

Exalted Hero (130)
Mk Tz
Enchanted Shield

Chaos Sorcerer (125)
Mk Nr
Ironcurse Icon
Lore of Nurgle

12 x Choas Warriors(248)
Mk Nr

13 x Chaos Warriors (241)
Mr Tz

5 x Chaos Warhounds (30)

5 x Chaos Knights (225)
Ensorcelled Weapons

When I decided to get back into the hobby i got the batillion set as well as a few other things, so to pick from I have:

48 x Chaos Warriors (one of which is converted to my hero)
16 x Marauders
10 x Chaos Knights
10 x Chaos Warhounds
3 x Skull Crushers of Khorne

I am also considering buying a few chariots (9th rumours be dammend) to add to this list later on in the campaign.

Any advice is welcome or suggest any list you think would work well with what I have. Along with the chariots I would be willing to buy the lord on a demonic mount and a chimera, I love these models.

Sorry for the length of the post

Thanks in advance
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