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deffkoptas is a great unit :p don't underestimate them. they can scout then move 12 and charge 6 :p means that they can get anywhere on the table round1 and charge your enemies weak spot :p

boarding plank are awesome then you read wot they do but then again, have you ever stayed in the trukk while you are 2inches from a enemy tank? i always jump out and assault :p
same goes with red paint job. i try not to buy any of them because the chance of you needing/using their rules is low.
if you skip that you get 80points to deffkoptas. remove your burnaboys and get 19normal boys instead and give extra Armour to battle wagon.

well this is wot i should do all depends wot you like to play with. good luck and tell us how you did on the turney. xD
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