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Hey everyone, so I have a string of games coming up and although I don't know who or what I am going to be facing I figured I would post my work in progress and see if you sages had any advice smile.png

Quick note- I only have 1 rhino and 1 drop pod, the game isn't for a few weeks so I could possible scoop up another but would prefer not to if possible :)

Artificer Armor
Storm Shield

Dreadnought- 145 Points
Drop Pod
Heavy Flamer

Tactical Squad- 185 Points
9 Tactical Marines
1 Tactical Sergeant
Melta Gun

Scout Squad- 105 Points
6 Scouts
1 Scout Sergeant
1 Heavy Bolter
6 Sniper Rifles
7 Camo Cloaks

Bike Squad- 78 Points
2 Bikers
1 Biker Sergeant
2 Flamers
1 Melta Bombs

Assault Marine Squad- 115 Points
4 Assault Marine
1 Assault Marine Sergeant
5 Jump Packs
1 Melta Bombs
2 Flamers
1 Power Maul

Landspeeder- 50 Points
2 Heavy Bolters

Devastator Squad- 130 Points
4 Devastator Marines
1 Devastator Sergeant
4 Missile Launchers

This leaves me with about 17 points to mess around with, as to where those would best go I am not sure. A few options I am considering are:

1) Scrap the landspeeder altogether and maybe use those points towards like 2 extra bikers and an extra assault marine?

2) Swap the captain for a librarian, I don't really know at all what I will be facing so having something in the Psychic phase might not hurt.

3) Although I have the models I have never used my bike mounted command squad and am curious if it's ever a worthwhile endeavor? They're using magnets so they can be a foot squad as well but I haven't ever thought of them as worthwhile on foot.

4) Maybe finding a way to get Telion in there if possible? I've used him a few times before and had some success but since my chapter is of my own creation I can pick any chapter tactics I want although I am unsure what would work best?

5) Armorium Cherub on the devastator squad? Unsure if it's worth the 5 points?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :)
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