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Overall I like this list, little bit of everything and fast moving so you should be in a position to put up a fight no matter what.
Personally I would drop the speeder, I've never been a fan of them and a few extra wounds on the bikers/assault marines would come in handy. One librarian on his own is a bit dicey, he'll usually only manage one useful power a turn though he can be handy to have around.
In my experience people only bring bike command squads to spam grav guns and storm shields on a toughness five model with FnP from the apothecary, incredibly useful but I'd only bring them out in a competitive game, on foot they're pretty useless. As for telion and the cherub I've never used them so I can't help you there.
Have you considered razorbacks? Two five man squads with meltaguns in razorbacks is 270 points which is cheaper than the combined cost of your scouts and tac squad, leaves you some more points to play with. Use the bikers to give the tanks a cover save then unload rapid fire bolters and meltaguns right in the enemies face with back up from the razors heavy bolters.
Those are just my thoughts man, I'm sure there's wiser heads than mine that could help you out.
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