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This isn't for tournaments or anything but my the group of friends I play with use some pretty strong lists and Id rather not get tabled.

Librarian, Null Zone, Avenger
Tactical Squad, Flamer, PF, Las Cannon - Rhino
Scouts w/Snipers, ML
Devastators, Las Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Razorback TL Las
Land Speeder x 2, MM, HF
Predator w/Las Sponsons
Dreadought w/MM

My strat is basically just to form a gun line, with the Speeders hunting tanks and/or transports. The Librarian will join the combat squad with PF, Sgt and Flamer in the Rhino to respond to wherever the line gets hit.
The reason for all the Las and MM is that I'm not sure of any other way to counter obliterators, a DP and Guard armor spam. Some helpful members already made me up a 1500 pt list but were playing 1000 pts for awhile now first.

In addition to the above, I also have available for use:
1x Tactical Squad
1x Dreadnought
1xTerminators w/assault cannon

2x SoB squad allies, Cannoness

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Just wanted to make sure you get some feedback,

The list isn't bad... there are some things you could do to optimize but, you don't have the models for it yet. You should run your speeders as separate (the squadron rules are not your friend for speeders... destroyed on a 4+ kind of sucks)

Also, 1k is a funky points level... Personally, I think the game isn't balance well at that points level... so most folks are looking at lists from 1500, 1750, 1850, 2000

Do you have a specific list you're looking to build up to.
Yea, I wish we would play 1500 rather than 1000 but I got outvoted lol.

For my 1500 pts I'm going to add:
speeder or two,
tac squad,
probably use a pair of riflemen dreadnoughts,
maybe another razorback
Drop the scouts and or/Devs to make room

Assault just doesn't work out well for who my opponents are so I need a nasty amount of firepower. Just copy the standard shooty space marine list basically.

Another quirk to my gaming circle is that the main board we've assembled is a city. Meaning there are heavy weapons with a 4+ cover save pointing out every window and 4 story buildings giving los of the whole board and smashing vehicles top armor, drving tanks around the board is asking for disaster. Thats why I like the devs.

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I just thought its worth noting that the ork player cant actually do that, the warboss doesnt have infiltrate, so cannot infiltrate with Snikrot or the commandos.
Yea he can unfortunately. He gives infiltrate or whatever the rule is that he comes from reserve off any table edge to his unit. We came to the rules section here and the consensus was that it is in fact a legal, though cheesy move by RAW.

I know at 1500 hes bringing in Mad Dok Grotsnik with em too to give the whole squad a 5+ Invul and FNP.

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Given that matchup, I might be tempted to run 10 Assault Termies, two squads of scouts with sniper rifles and cloaks, Tellion, and a Termie Chappie... and whatever is left into MM/HF speeders...

But given what you have, I would suggest Tellion and then think about dropping the rhino, razorback and dread for more shooty troops on the board. Orks are great, until you shoot them with 40+ bolter shots as they close. Just make sure you have the umph to drop the DP with Lash... but with the Libby, you'd have a good chance of stopping that anyway. Also might play with the Termies... they're aweful hard to drop and if they hit the guard it's pretty much game over.

So my advice would be to not worry so much about resiliancy and get as much dakka on the board as possible.
Ive already resigned to the fact Im gonna get crushed by the Orkz, but with enough big guns I can hold out against the CSM and Guard (the house rule is you have to take the same list vs all other players so you don't try counter anyone specific list). Honestly it was supposed to be fun but now the attitude of the game has descended into who can build the cheesiest list. I'm happy playing a horribly outmatched force that I got for half price on ebay, Ill optimize as much as I can with what I have but Im done spending for a few months. They have the most invested in the game ( to the tune of 3-4 times more) so if I just decided its not fun anymore getting crushed game after game its more their loss. Its gotten to the point that someone will buy something and then before its even fielded someones bought something to counter it.

Id be tempted to run the Termies if not for the cost of more models and the fact that the guard player usually carries a demo charge on one of his verterans, after seeing it wipe out nearly a whole squad of berserkers I dont want to put termies on foot near him, and I think he has Marbo but he wont tell anyone for sure.

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The real problem is that you're playing at a very low points level... at that point, the game is NOT balanced.... get them to play 1500-2000 and the armys will become more evenly matched in terms of capability...

Also, if the guard player is using Marbo, then he kind of needs to tell you... ask to see his list... I've had the IG game where my opponent was playing the "this unit of vets has X" game and when I finally called BS and added up his list, he was 100+ points over.

Or, get them to play some of the battle missions... they're all pretty broken in one way or another, but fun.... Or sit down with them and come up with a "this is acceptable" list... especially if it's a couple of friends your playing with...

I have a buddy who plays a Marine Biker list... We've agreed that I won't bring a couple of lists against it cause he's at a complete disadvantage (Razorwolves and Mech IG - my ability to nuke his bikes is just too good for it to be competative) So, since neither one of us will have fun in that game (I run on autopilot, and he gets to lose) So in order to ensure a good game, I've agreed to play other stuff so that our two lists are more well matched. (BTW, both of us have been accused of being "Cheesemongers" cause we focus a lot on building good lists... but at the end of the day, you want both players to have a good game)

Some good suggestions. Ill try some of em, but I think the in it to win at all costs attitude has taken hold. I don't see the point in winning a game of chess where the opponent has all pawns and you start with all queens but I guess some people do.

For 1500 I may try to run a Vulcan list with assault Termies. Given my opponents whats the cheesiest list you could come up with? Doesn't matter the cost or models, by the time were playing 1500 pts its gonna be after Christmas.

Gotta fight fire with fire and cheese with cheese.

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Or bring this Nids list...

WAAC is bad... but it does not mean all things competative... In all honesty, don't cry "cheese" just make a balanced list... I totally get the frustration though...

WAAC in my opinion is not letting your shoot a unit when you forget... or being "liberal" in your concept of 6" -- it is NOT making a good list.

Again, the problem is the points you're playing and the fact that you're limited in your model selection...

Also, at 1500 Vulcan and Termies is not hard to beat.

Ive dragged the thread off topic. Going back to my original list how do you think it would fare against the opponents Ive mentioned? Any adjustments?

And the Vulcan was just an example of a decent list, I know its not unstoppable, from what Ive read and seen nothing Codex: SM is.
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