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Just getting back into the game after being gone since early 4th edition. When I started in 3rd I fielded a complete harlequin army. Mostly foot, I was in the process of getting the harlie bikes and walkers when 4th ed killed the Harlie only army and I switched to marines.

So, the local GW is starting a 1000 pt campaign and had a 200 pt kill team battle royal as the opening event. Since my Harlies are my only army I currently have with me I fielded them, but this locks me into Eldar for the campaign. Budget being short I am going to have to work with the painted (or in process) models I have for the first few fights. So I am going to field my Harlies in a "counts as" fashion.

I know my options are limited, since I want the figs to closely represent the normal units they are replacing. So I wanted to throw out the list I have put together so far, which (not surprisingly) is going to be assault heavy with little HW or FA support. Then toss out a list of my figs to get any ideas from ya'll. Finally, I would appreciate any piecemeal upgrades to this army, one unit at a time, starting with a Troops unit since I technically only have 1 troop unit.

Current List: total 999

Autarch (Great Harlequin): Power Sword - 80
Maugan-Ra (as himself): - 195

Harlequin unit "Support" - 148
- Troupe Leader (PS)
- Death Jester
- 4 Harlies (1xFP)

Harlequin unit "Assault" - 208
- Troupe Leader (PS)
- Shadow Seer (FP)
- 5 Harlies (1xFP, 3xHK)

Harlequin Jetbike Squad - 131
- Warlock (Shadow Seer) (Destructor)
- 3 Bikes (1xCannon)

Harlequin Storm Guardian - 132
-Warlock (Shadow Seer) (Conceal or Enhance?)
- 10 Storm Guardians (Harlequins) (1xFusion Gun, 1xFlamer)

Heavy Support:
Harlequin Dark Reapers - 105
-3 Dark Reapers (Death Jesters)

That is how the army stands now. I realize there are many holes, but it is about the best I could come up with and make reasonable fig to unit substitutions.

Here are my painted figs, if you can find a better solution:
1 Great Harlequin - PS, SP
1 Maugan-Ra
2 Shadow Seers - SP, "Power Claw"
1 Shadow Seer - on Jetbike
3 Solitaires (HK, "fusion weapon")
4 Death Jesters
4 Troupe Leaders - SP, PW
15 Harlequins - CCW, Mostly SP (some custom weapons)
3 Jetbikes (1 w/ Cannon)

I also have another half dozen unpainted harlequins with me.

I would also be interested in knowing what 2-3 units I should look at adding in the future, with a high priority on 1-2 Troop units.

(Made some edits because I am math challenged it seems)

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Here is alternate list I formed from the same figs. Moved all the Death Jesters into a single DR unit with my Maugan Ra fig as an exarch. Combined the Harlies into one unit and converted a Shadowseer into a Farseer.

total: 998

Autarch (PS, Banshee Mask) - 83
Farseer (Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Doom, Fortune, MindWar) - 165

Harlequins - 262
-Troupe Leader
-Shadow Seer
-8x Harlies (3xHK, 2xFP)

Jetbikes - 131
- (same as above)
Storm Guardians - 140
-Warlock (Enhance or Conceal)
-11x Storm Guardians (1xFlamer, 1xFusion)

Dark Reapers - 217
-Exarch (Shuriken Cannon, CS, FS)
-4x Dark Reapers

Not sure how much different this unit would play than the previous list. It seems to be tweaking around the edges.
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