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I've been toying around with a Crimson Fists Army after starting to read Rynn's World and wanted some feedback on my first CF 1000 pt Army. I'm not looking to play in any tournaments, just start a new Army that's competative, while mixing some fluff from the book.

Librarian - (90)
Lvl 2, boltgun, force weapon

1st Tactical Sqd - (195)
Sergeant w/ chainsword, combi-flamer, and melta bomb
9 Battle Brothers w/ flamer, and boltguns

2nd Tactical Sqd (225)
Sergeant w/ power fist, combi-melta, and melta bomb
9 Battle Brothers w/ meltagun, and boltguns

Sternguard Veteran Sqd (220)
Vet Sgt. w/ power fist, and boltgun
4 Sterguards w/ combi-meltas
Drop Pod

Devastator Sqd (170)
Sergeant w/ Boltgun
4 Battle Brothers w/ missile launchers (frag, krak, and flakk)

Thunderfire Cannon (100)

-1000 Total-
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