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Your list seems decent. It lacks a unit with any really punch but that's ok since its 1000pts and you say that you aren't really playing at a tournament level.

I would take plasma instead of melta on the tac squads for the longer range and rapid fire unless you are planing on fighting a lot of knights or tank heavy IG. Also where do you see your librarian going in your list. The rhinos are full and the sternguard i assume will be something of a suicide squad. This leaves the devastators but a SM librarian isn't that great at buffing shooting. If you drop the ML 2 and melta bombs on the tac squads you can replace the sternguard squad with 3 grav-cents and run the librarian with them. I like this better b/c throwing away 22% of your points first turn is kinda ludicrous in my opinion.
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