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1000 points WE, I need help(no army book yet)

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Well, I'm getting close on completing my Lizzie army, so I thought about starting another army for low point battles(1000 points, see title), the contestants are VC, Beastmen and WE, but I don't know what a WE army will look like. And the site I usually read the army books of other armies, well, the WE army book was deleted on request of GW, so can someone provide me a list with tactics on how to use it, to give me an idea of how WE are.
I want lots of shooting, the units I want, 1 unit fo waywatchers, some dryads, GG ofcourse and perhaps some scouts, I want a spellweaver too, so I can get lore of life/beast, I thought it was possible at 1000 points, with the new 25% cap.
If you want I can give you rep for the help, thx in advance,

the graven
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The main hit I believe they took is 360 degree line of sight but that doen't bother me much with a BS of 5 and no penalty for moving and shooting, the second one would be the new way cover works and the fact they can be charged easily even when in a forest as no movement penalties count. Other than this they are fine, but on the last point even if they are chraged they will most likely strike first and get 2 attacks each so that's at least 10-15 attacks with a full unit of waywatchers
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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