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1000 points WE, I need help(no army book yet)

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Well, I'm getting close on completing my Lizzie army, so I thought about starting another army for low point battles(1000 points, see title), the contestants are VC, Beastmen and WE, but I don't know what a WE army will look like. And the site I usually read the army books of other armies, well, the WE army book was deleted on request of GW, so can someone provide me a list with tactics on how to use it, to give me an idea of how WE are.
I want lots of shooting, the units I want, 1 unit fo waywatchers, some dryads, GG ofcourse and perhaps some scouts, I want a spellweaver too, so I can get lore of life/beast, I thought it was possible at 1000 points, with the new 25% cap.
If you want I can give you rep for the help, thx in advance,

the graven
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I did have the army book. But now I can't find out where it is, if I could find it I would send it you. The only help I can give is an article I found over at GW

Yesterday's Warhammer game got quite a response, and a number of people (including Rich!) asked for some tips on using Wood Elves, which is a fair question as the way Wood Elves work on the battlefield has changed a lot with the new edition of Warhammer. Traditionally, a Wood Elf army would skirt around its opponent, picking off stragglers and doing its best to stay out of harm's way. But they can't do this any more - they now have to stand their ground and fight (as units can get into combat much quicker).To answer your question, I asked Adam Hall, the office's resident Warhammer guru and a long time Wood Elf player (one that wins far more games than he loses), to share some of his tactical know how.

Adam: Eternal Guard are a great combat unit, just make sure you always add a character to the unit, which makes them Steadfast. The new magic items in the Warhammer rulebook offer better protection for your characters than anything found in the Wood Elf army book, so try equipping the character with Armour of Destiny (grants a 4+ ward save) or the armour of Silvered Steel (confers a 2+ armour save). Similarly, you can now field a very effective Highborn on a Dragon - previously Wood Elf characters didn't have access to tough enough magic armour to protect them against the sorts of foes they'd be fighting when mounted on a Dragon. You can then use ranked-up units of Eternal Guard of Glade Guard to negate your opponent's steadfast ability (just make sure you have more ranks then they do) and use the Dragon to do the killing and win you the fight. Tree kin are another unit of mine, but Rich used too few of them - they work much better in units of 6 or more. If you're facing war machines, include Great Eagles in your force - they're very low in points, and are perfect for nipping across the board and engaging warmachine crew in combat. Even if they don't win the fight (Dwarfs are very resilient) they'll stop the machine from firing and allow the rest of your army to advance unmolested. Finally, I'd always suggest using spells from the Lore of Life, which will allow you to augment your units and heal your Dragons, Treemen and other multi-wound models.
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