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1000 points WE, I need help(no army book yet)

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Well, I'm getting close on completing my Lizzie army, so I thought about starting another army for low point battles(1000 points, see title), the contestants are VC, Beastmen and WE, but I don't know what a WE army will look like. And the site I usually read the army books of other armies, well, the WE army book was deleted on request of GW, so can someone provide me a list with tactics on how to use it, to give me an idea of how WE are.
I want lots of shooting, the units I want, 1 unit fo waywatchers, some dryads, GG ofcourse and perhaps some scouts, I want a spellweaver too, so I can get lore of life/beast, I thought it was possible at 1000 points, with the new 25% cap.
If you want I can give you rep for the help, thx in advance,

the graven
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Well since you dont have the book Im not going to put any pts costs up- there is a reason that GW asked that site to delete their ripped codexes... and if heresy breeches the same thing then we'll be in trouble too.

Spellweaver- Lv4 (can take life/beasts as you said)
Branchwraith- annoyance of netlings, cluster of radiants
10 Glade Guard with musician
10 Glade Guard with musician
20 Dryads with champion
5 Waywatchers

Its actually quite a nasty army for 1000pts... unless you are playing the new 8th ed missions, in which case you'll automatically lose one of the missions (you ca lose a couple of dryads for banners in the glage guard- thats the only realistic choice you have at this points cost).
I would advise against scouts, they are expensive and dont have the rule that gives them S4 shots. As such they are expensive and have basically nothing going for them; waywatchers are only a little more expensive and the lethal shot is amasing. I like the glade riders but thats a personal choice- it makes the battalion very useful though (I made my army with 2 battleforces, a couple of blisters and a treeman... I converted my waywatchers and they look cool).
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I like waywatchers- sure they have a high points cost but there is very little WE can do about the incrediby powerful characters out there. I was playing a game vs empire and the other player was using Karl Franz on dragon.. not a great deal WE can do about that but my waywatchers had a bit of fun trying to kill him in 1 hit (I got a killing blow on him, but he passed the 4+ ward, so close). Im not so much a fan of eternal guard, they are more expensive then the equivalent troops of the other elves without really giving any bonus. I do like dryads in the new edition though, they are really cool- just as hard as before but now their I6 really comes into its own.

Would someone please explain to me why waywatchers have been nerfed by the changes to skirmishers..?
I see that they never get any rank bonus of any sort (waywatchers with ranks.. how novel) and that they have to have a formation, but thats not much of a price to pay since they now get the bonus of being able to march and shoot, as well as the scout rules now being easier to use (you no longer need terrain to set up in/behind) even if the minimum distance has gone (I rarely managed to set up within 12" anyway).
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Not too surprising- dragons, treemen and treekin are the only units in the WE book that really manage to pump out damage while eternal guard are useful anvil units (though I think that having an extra 10 eternals is a safer tactic then having a noble with decent armour in the unit- its still quite easy to kill the noble while 10 extra eternals gives you a permanent +2 ranks on what you had before (which should still make you steadfast) but Im bored of moving big blocks of metal models around so isnt something Im going to do... though If I want to be nasty I may well get a dragon, not yet though.

At 1k the old tactics will still work... there's enough room to dance round the enemy with fast cav and scouts, but block units will have more trouble.
Waywatchers have the forest stalker rule, which is now a little different to how it is in the army book (it got changed by the FAQ)- now it is simply scout with an additional -1 to hit them with shooting.

Glade guard and dryads are quite cheap... but waywatchers, eternal guard and wardancers and very costly. I converted 10 waywatchers from my 2 battalion sets, they look really cool and I prefer them to the proper models but I would like them to have that leavel of detail.
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