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1000 points WE, I need help(no army book yet)

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Well, I'm getting close on completing my Lizzie army, so I thought about starting another army for low point battles(1000 points, see title), the contestants are VC, Beastmen and WE, but I don't know what a WE army will look like. And the site I usually read the army books of other armies, well, the WE army book was deleted on request of GW, so can someone provide me a list with tactics on how to use it, to give me an idea of how WE are.
I want lots of shooting, the units I want, 1 unit fo waywatchers, some dryads, GG ofcourse and perhaps some scouts, I want a spellweaver too, so I can get lore of life/beast, I thought it was possible at 1000 points, with the new 25% cap.
If you want I can give you rep for the help, thx in advance,

the graven
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For Wood Elves I would try to avoid Waywatchers, they are very high points cost and their rules don't quite justify them, especially to the nerf to skirmishers, eternal guard and glade guard look to be the backbone of 8th edition armies as they can get rank bonuses unlike most of Wood Elf army choices.

The Treeman is death on a plate, high weapon skill, strength and attacks then thunderstomp, he won't fit into 1000 points however :(

I'm not sure how you'd do a 1000 points army list so I can't help you there, good luck, Wood Elves have not been treated well by this edition.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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