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Before I was able to even get primer on my models I was able to get a few games for the weekend, my opponent will be bringing the Ork Green Tide formation with Painboy, Grots and some Lootas in addition, no armor though. My instant thought was plenty of flamers, and transports to out move about the field with ease, using what I have this is my list, and thoughts.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader- Armor of Russ, PW 100
Blood Claws- x10, Flamer, WG upgrade, two WC 200
Drop pod
(Placing my HQ and claws in the drop pod, my plan is to use this as a killing blow to his leadership, so to counter the formation's perks a little.)
Grey Hunters- x10, x2 Flamers, PF 210
Grey Hunters- x10, x2 Flamers, PF 210
Grey Hunters- x5, Flamer, PF 155
(The hunter packs will be my objective grabbers and kill teams for attempting to burn away the green tide, Razorback with its heavy bolters should help with thinning the herd.)
Heavy Support
Vindicator- 120
(Large template, and power, minus scatter this should be able to punch massive holes into the Ork lines.)
Total: 995
Not very many models in comparison to the Orks but with some superior armor and firepower my hunters will make quick work of the boyz. My battle leader and his claw pack I think will take the most hits, but taking out his Warboss and some boys with him will be a worthy saga. My biggest question is should I save some points and buy the hunters close combat weapons? Any other advice would be greatly need thanks!

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Hello brother wolf!
Couple of things that spring to mind straight away:
1. Drop pods can carry a max of ten models, you have 11 with the HQ so you'll need to drop a blood claw

2. If there is no real armour in the list, why the Power fists? A lot of points that won't really give you much in return.

What other models do you have at your disposal? What power weapon are you going for on the battle leader? And is this more "friendly" or "PURGE THE GREENSKINS!!!"?

You are clearly loading your grey hunters for combat, so I would be tempted to get close combat weapons, which can be done by swapping out the power fists.

I'm not so sure about the razorback 'thinning the herd', more 'nibbling its toes', I'd be tempted to get in a unit of Long fangs with missile launchers, getting some more blast templates in the list.

I'm really not sure sending your HQ into the heart of the enemy deployment zone with only a unit of blood claws is a wise choice without more backup. However it is in true space wolf form!
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