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My Missus while traipsing about over the weekend shopping let me pop into GW and pick up a few bits, while she was in there she saw some Tau Models and expressed an interest in starting the army looking at the Fire Warriors and Battle Suits, however she did not like the look of the Tau Vehicles.
Cool, something to keep in mind when going over lists for her then.

I have little to no experience of Tau what so ever and have come up with this as a 1st draft and hope that I could get some help from here
Thats what we are, hopefully, here for.

With no other stealth suits or ghostkeel's in this force I think you'd be better off with something other than Shadowsun. Darkstrider or a cadre fireblade would definitely be good options in her place.

For the points, definitely a good choice

2x XV8 Bodyguard - both 2x Plasma Rifle, Target Lock
Not a bad choice, a standard loadout for crisis suits is a plasma rifle and missile pod combination, reffered to as the fireknife loadout. This gives the squad versatility, due to the missile pod giving them better range and the plasma rifle lower ap. They become able to contribute sooner, and can be a threat to more heavily armoured targets (like meganobz.)

In regards to equipment I would not bother with the target lock. None of the crisis squads pump out enough shots where you really want them splitting their shooting. Instead consider a flamer on them, the missile pod is good initially but you are playing Orks which means eventually your boyz will be close and there may not be enough room to get away.

Also I don't think making these bodyguard crisis suits is worth the points. For almost the cost of an additional naked crisis suit your getting slightly higher leadership and the ability to auto pass look out sir rolls. The problem is that they have no one to protect unless your choosing not to make use of Shadowsuns infiltrate.

2x XV8 Suits - both 2x Missile Pod, Target Lock
2x XV8 Suits - both 2x Missile Pod, Target Lock
Dual missile pod is the deathrain, a personal favorite of mine. Unlike with the previous team, I do recommend the target locks here. Four shots per suit isn't a butt load of dice, but sixteen shots being able to target four units a turn from the start is nothing to sniff at.

12 Firewarriors, Shas'ui, 2x Shield Drones
10 Fire Warriors
10 Fire Warriors
Not entirely sure I would bother with the shield drones. Perhaps consider the support turret.

6 Pathfinders
6 Pathfinders
Just stock pathfinders or are they armed with anything? Giving them a few rail rifles is a good way of making them a greater threat.

Personally, for a starting 1k list I would recommend something along the lines of this:

It trades off Shadowsun, a strike team, and a couple pathfinders to give the list a bit more synergy. With only two strike teams the etheral and fireblade are able to improve both without leaving another one high and dry.

Your Core should be like 1x HQ 2x Standard.
You realize his first draft list does have 1HQ and 2 troops right?

I and up woth this:
The list you put up is 1129 and has 4 elite choices (3 solo crisis suits and a stealth suit team.)

Shadowsun - 130
Etheral - 50
Stealth team with shas'vre - 190
Crisis suit with BC, SG, FB and 2 gun drones - 96 x3
Broadside team of 3 suits - 195

Thats 850 points without missile drones, marker drones, or either strike team (the strike teams are about 100 and 80 points respectively.)
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