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[Warboss]-[mega armour/cyborg body] 110
[Big mek]-[shokk attack gun/power claw] 120

[10 Nobz]-[powerclaw/pain boy/trukk] 290
[ 30 Ork Boyz]-[3 x big shoota/Nob/powerclaw/bosspole] 225
[Deff Dread]-[Skorcha/Close Combat Weapon/armour plates] 100

[20 ork boyz]-120


[3 kila kanz]-[rocket launcha/ big shoota/grotzooka] 135

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If your giving your Big Mek a SAG, then drop the PK.

If your going to run Nobz, then give them all different wargear, or else run MegaNobz.

Your Boyz on foot are good. Just make sure you always give them a Nob with PK and BP.

Killa Kanz are best just with Rokkits.

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agree! I'd consider making two 20 man mobs of boys and then get you nobz on foot. one lone truck and one big mob of boyz will die FAST! so will will a SAG mek without some grot bodyguards. put him with a small group of Gretchins garding the home objective:eek:k: Oh and yeah, definitely(!) drop his power klaw.

something like this maybe:

Boss Cybork, power klaw, Boss pole.


8 Nobz, equipped differently (1-3 PK's)

20 Boys. and Nob with Power klaw and Bosspole.

3 Killa kanz (grotzookas or rokkits, I'd gorokkits due to lack of anti armour)

My advice for you! but as always, if you disagree, just playtest it furst :victory:

Or if you want the truck, go with three more of them and three groups of 12 boys, including nob with PK BP..
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