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1000 point friendly game

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Well in a couple of weeks me and my friends are having a 2-on-1 game, me and my mates tau vs a mates black templar army. I came up with this list:


Captain w/ storm shield, power weapon and digital weapons- 140pts


x2 Tactical squad (x10) w/ flamer + missile launcher, sergeant with power fists, rhinos - 460pts

Fast Attack- Vanguard Veteran squad (x5) w/ 5 power weapons, Razorback with twin linked plasma and lascannon - 270pts

Heavy Support-

Predator w/ lascannon sponsons and hunter killer missile - 130pts

I know my mates black templars will have a squad of terminator sword brethren in a landraider and atleast a vindicator and my tau ally has a hammerhead, 12 fireworriors and the rest crisis suits. So in short all the heavy fighting is on me :laugh: so does anyone have any ideas as how I could improve?

I only have the tactical squads with one rhino atm so i will also have to be getting some of these improvements, but ill have a moderate amount of cash so shouldn't be too bad with getting the new models.

So thanks in advance :)
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Me and my friend (tau player) have been thinking and we came up with an idea to alter my first list and take

HQ- Librarian - w/ the gate of infinity and votex of doom - 100pts (pretty much to move his crisis suits around)

Elite- x2 Dreadnought w/ x2 twin linked auto cannons - 250pts

Troops- x2 tactical squads w/ flamer, missile launcher in a razorback with twin linked plasma and lascannon - 490pts

Heavy support-x2 Predator w/ heavy bolter sponsons -170pts

total- 1010pts (mate said i could have 10 points from him)

we thought that gate of infinity, his crisis suits next to the land raiders we know will be taking (he stated his intention to take an all mech list). So the riflemen dreds will be perfect for ripping open transports. Gun lining the razorbacks, predator and hammerhead.
This a better idea or is the first list better? (i also currently have librarian so it would make it cheaper for me :L but im looking for a captain anyway so im not bothered :L)
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yea i mis-calculated .... corrected it now though :)
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