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1000 point friendly game

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Well in a couple of weeks me and my friends are having a 2-on-1 game, me and my mates tau vs a mates black templar army. I came up with this list:


Captain w/ storm shield, power weapon and digital weapons- 140pts


x2 Tactical squad (x10) w/ flamer + missile launcher, sergeant with power fists, rhinos - 460pts

Fast Attack- Vanguard Veteran squad (x5) w/ 5 power weapons, Razorback with twin linked plasma and lascannon - 270pts

Heavy Support-

Predator w/ lascannon sponsons and hunter killer missile - 130pts

I know my mates black templars will have a squad of terminator sword brethren in a landraider and atleast a vindicator and my tau ally has a hammerhead, 12 fireworriors and the rest crisis suits. So in short all the heavy fighting is on me :laugh: so does anyone have any ideas as how I could improve?

I only have the tactical squads with one rhino atm so i will also have to be getting some of these improvements, but ill have a moderate amount of cash so shouldn't be too bad with getting the new models.

So thanks in advance :)
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Hey Welcome to heresy!

Id change the vanguard razor to just to have a hb on top as its gonna be targetted pretty quick anyway, use those points to upgrade your hq with a relic blade, (its brutal against meq) can give both your tac squads mg and maybe give your vanguard sgt a relic blade or a pfist

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