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This list has pretty good potential,

Runes of witnessing aren't all that useful in my opinion it actually increases your chance of getting a perils of the warp since your rolling an extra die, however it improves your chance of getting the power off. I think that the farseer has high enough ld to reliably cast without them.

As far as the fire dragons I would drop the exarch, his gun is roughly the same as the rest of the dragons and offers no full squad powers so the squad can be just as effective without him.

You can also save some point by swapping the sword on the avengers for dual catapults since ideally your avengers shouldn't be getting into combat.

The last thing I would do is drop the SL on the WS down to SC, at the 1000pts level you can do some serious damage with the avengers alone so you don't really need guns on the WS at this point, plus you need to drop points.

With those changes it should put you at 999pts roughly (if my math is correct)
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