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This is my first time constructing a 40k Army. I've decided to play Eldar, because of how they play.
Anyway.. This is the army list i have so far. It's 1041 points. Any help getting that to 1000 would be apprechiated. (Or any advice!)

Runes Of witnessing
Spirit Stones
TOTAL: 130
(Do i need runes of witnessing? nobody seems to have it in their list, how often does a farseer fail a psycic test?)

Fire Dragons (5) inc exarch -
(Should i leave the exarch with his normal gun, or upgrade to a firepike
(fire dragons will be placed inside falcon)

Rangers (5)
Upgrade to Pathfinders
TOTAL: 120

Wave Serpent
Scatter Lasers
Spirit Stones
TOTAL: 125

Dire Avengers (10) inc exarch
Blade Storm
Dire Sword and Pistol
(Dire Avengers will be placed inside wave serpent)
TOTAL: 182

Dark Reapers (5) inc exarch
Tempest Lancher
Crank Shot
TOTAL: 217

Scatter Lazers
Spirit Stones
TOTAL: 175


The Farseer will be attached to the Dire Avengers squad, and both placed in the wave serpent, To achieve a quick unload, Guide > Doom > Bladestorm combo.
Both the Dark Reapers and Rangers will try to get to high positions, for maximum visibility.
The Falcon loaded with Fire Dragons will go around picking off whatever it can.


Any information or help you can provide me with would be great.. Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for the help, i made the alterations suggested.

Will see how the Dark Reapers go, i'll try the fireprisms later on if not.

Thanks again ^.^
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