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1000 point Competitive Eldar

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Farseer 123
Runes of Warding
Singing spear

Farseer 83
singing spear

10 Dire Avengers 152
Exarch, 2x catapults,
Wave serpent 110
Spirit stones, Turret Shuriken cannon

10 Storm Guardians 96
2x flamers
Wave serpent 110
Spirit stones, Turret Shuriken cannon

5 Fired dragons 80
Wave serpent 110
Spirit stones, Turret Shuriken cannon

Fire Prism 125
Spirit Stones

Thoughts and opinions? I don't have another Fire prism, the RoW are there to try and ward off some of the Space Wolf psychic powers that are running rampant, I have 11 points left over any suggestions? Also the most prevalent list I expect to see is Space Wolf long fang spam and chaos plague marine spam.

This is my first tournament so I am very open to any ideas
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Firstly your storm guardians cost 92 points not 96, this will give 15points spare when added to the remaing 11 you mentioned. Also drop both your Farseers and get eldrad he is the best we Eldar can offer in the form of Psychic power defense and offense, next swap out the storm guardian flamers for fusion guns which will be needed to kill the mech nowdays, these come in at the same points. If my maths are correct you should now have 11points left. Drop the SS on the Fire prism it should not be moving and will not need them. That bring us to 21 points, use these for another 1 fire dragon to bolster the squad effectivness. You now have a total of 1495, and a much more effective force, if you are worried about hordes then just use eldrads storm power and then mop up with your shuri cannons. Hope that is of some help to you, andlet us know how you got on with the tourny.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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