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So my Local Gaming club in stafford has its first 1000 point tournament at the end of the month and this is my blood angels list that i ll be entering (please bear in mind that we have hardly any Mech mostly troop based and are mostly new players is includes myself only been playing about 6 months)

HQ Reclusiarch

Troop 1
9 Death company 2 power fists

Troop 2
5 man assault squad in a Laz/plas Razorback

Troop 3
See troop 2

Troop 4
Death company Dread

HS1 Stormraven gunship (TL MM and TL Laz)

My 2 assault squads are there for incase the Death company and stormraven goes to crap

I am thinking if i dont get first turn i ll just put things into reserve

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I would take a Librarian instead of a Reclusiarch, especially in a low points battle.
I love Death Co but their a points dump in this low of a game - here is what I took in a 1250 point team battle (just as an example list, it smashed things up pretty good):

Asteroth (Yes, a point dump, but trust me, he wrecked everything and put a little fear into the heart of the opponent when it deep striked)

Sanguinary Priest - Power Fist, Infernus Pistol (Attatched to squad 1, attacked last, but held his own - tactics wise, some would say to drop the PF because of points and attacking last, however, it helped out when facing Dreads and bothersome tanks)

Sanguinary Priest - Power Fist, Infernus Pistol (Attatched to squad 2)

Squad 1:
10 Assault Marines, 2 Flamers, Sergeant with Infernus Pistol, Power Fist

Squad 2:
10 Assault Marines, 2 Meltas, Sergeant with Infernus Pistol, Power Fist

2 Baal Predators, Heavy Bolters and Auto Cannons

The two baals were held in reserve and outflanked slaughtering heavy support teams and destroying tanks that camped back and blew up my partner. The Marines deepstriked along with Asteroth, and were able to get right where I wanted them due to Descent of Angels, taking out a squad and a half each and holding objectives (though getting beat up pretty good).

Now my full army list also includes a 10 man tactical squad with plasma cannon, 5 devastators, 4 with missile launchers, 3 attack bikes with multi meltas for tank hunting, 5 Sanguinary Guard, a Librarian in place of Asteroth, Dante and 5 scouts with 4 snipers and a missile launcher.

Again, just throwing it up for ideas, really fun list to play.

Goodluck in your game! Guarentee you will frusterate your opponent and have fun doing it
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