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Haven't posted on this forum in a long while because I've been on hiatus from 40k for a few years and I pick fights with people here. :biggrin: So that doesn't end well.

Anyway, I am going to try and focus strongly only on Dark Eldar.
Here's my army.

x1 80
Haemonculus w/destructor, scissorhand, JBR

x2 358
7 Wyches
succumbus w/ agonizer
plasma grenades
Raider w/ horrorfex

x3 315
5 warriors w/ dark lance

Heavy Support
2x 240
ravager w/ 3 disintegrators
Total: 1000

I'm looking to make the meanest, most competitive Dark Eldar army possible going from 1000 points to 2000. I sort of became discouraged with Dark Eldar before I quit and I want show what the army can do now. This means I am completely fine with spamming certain units and doing other things that other people would find douchebaggy. I'm looking to decimate opponents.

I think the HQ of this army is the weakest part. I will probably take a disintegrator off the each ravager to pay for a shadowfield on the haemonculus. The reason I debate this is because I don't want to give the opponent any juicy targets.

Also could anybody out there give me some tips on using Horrorfexes? I know what they do but have never used them before in a game.
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