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farseer with doom, fortune, runes of witnessing, spirit stones, jetbike, witchblade 170

autarch with laser lance, fusion gun, mandiblasters, jetbike 140


3 guardian jetbike squadron 66
3 guardian jetbike squadron with 1 shuriken cannon 76
6 guardian jetbike squadron with 2 shuriken cannon 152

Fast Attack

vyper with 2 shuriken cannon , spirit stones 70

Heavy Support

2 fire prisms with holo-fields, spirit stones 320

what do you think? at first glance it seems too few models, but farseer and autarch attach to the 6 bikes with fortune every round and wow!! those guys have sticking power with all those moble wounds that can reroll saves.

anyway its very shooty shooty.

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It looks like a very fast list, but I wouldn't consider it all that shooty. Still, the firepower it has must be respected.

Have you thought about merging the smallest bike squad with the others?
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