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Hey guys,

Okay - background story is me and 2 friends have started projects from scratch. I have chosen Chaos Space Marines, they have chosen Tau and Necrons respectively (lots of 4+ saves).

These games are going to be entirely for fun, however, at the same time i don't want to be crushed. I haven't played CSM since the 2007 codex.

Here is my initial 1000 points:

Chaos Lord w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Sigil of Corruption, Gift of Mutation = 130
(I know the plasma pistol is unnecessary, but against battle suits.. it could be useful)

10 Chaos Space marines w/ Power fist, 2 Plasma guns, CCWs (x9), Veterans of the Long War (x10), Rhino with Havoc Launcher = 280

9 Chaos Space Marines w/ Power fist, 1 Meltagun, CCWs (x8), VotLW (x9), Rhino with Havoc Launcher = 244

Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon, Power Scourge = 120

This brings me to 774. Here is the two options I now have to round out to 1000 points:

2 x Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon, Power Scourge = 240 (2x120)
1 x Helbrute w/ Reaper Autocannon, Power Scourge = 120
1 x Predator w/ Heavy Bolter, Havoc Launcher = 107
3 x Obliterators w/ Mark of Nurgle, VotLW = 237 (3x79) - these guys could go in any formation, 3x1, 1x3 or 2x1+1 etc.

Which of these choices is preferable (AND WHY!)?

Disclaimer - I appreciate this isn't a competitive list, I'm not trying to play the meta... just not get crushed by armies that have an easier ride at lower points.
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