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100 point Imperial List

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I got a Decimator! The thing absolutely crushed my buddy's squadron (of two X-Wings, an A-Wing, and a B-Wing), the list I ran was:

Chiraneau w/ Isard, Dauntless, Ruthlessness
Howlrunner w/ Swarm Tactics
2x Academy Pilot TIEs

Wow that large ship killed it. Even when you only are moving a 1 maneuver it still gets going because of the size of the base, its 2 straight is almost the same as a TIE's 3 straight! Not to mention the ability to shoot in a 360 firing arc, and if your opponent is all bunched up Ruthlessness deals out damage to secondary targets. Oicunn looks like he'd be fun to play, just bash your ship right into the centre of your opponent's squadron and mop up some hits. Bumper cars in space! My TIEs ran interference, moved in much faster than the Decimator did and just got in the way of the Rebel ships while doing as much damage as they could before dying. They really set up Chiraneau to sweep in and blast away the remaining hit points.

Fun times!! Tonight I see if I can take this list down with my double X-Wing double Z-95 list, I'm really hoping to push a bunch of Crits at the large ship with Marksmanship. Otherwise I think I'm likely toast! :laugh:
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Dauntless unfortunately doesn't play well with Isard, since you can't take the Evade Action if you have stress. Unless you ran Wingman on Howlrunner and kept her close to the Deci, but that's probably overly restrictive on something as maneuverable as a TIE.

Also, a large base ship moves EXACTLY the same distance as a small ship that has a dial set to 1 speed faster, so a 2 on the Deci is the same as a 3 on a TIE and so on. Good for keeping in formation. :)
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Seems fair and valid list assuming you're wanting to run TIEs with it. Jerjerrod is cool, but I tend to take him with an Int Agent on Oicunn. If you're finding your Decimator is surviving crits reasonably well then you could potentially swap him out for a Merc Copilot or Predator EPT, although then you're relying on Captive and Ysard to keep you alive. Just play around with various combinations for a few games and see which you prefer running. Ships with crew are possibly the most flexible of all, so experiment and see what suits your style!
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