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I've had this plot I've been wanting to do for some time but haven't found the right person for. This will be a horror/survival post apocolyptic story. The setting is a hive world at the outskirts of known space and the story goes something like this:

Year of the Reaping:
It started with just a few disappearances from the lower hive. Homeless, the poor and the sick. People that could slip past the radar and fall outside the notice of the authorities. The innocent locked their doors and hid, the street gangs fought the first servitors that merged from the dark depths of the deepest hive but with everyone of their number that fell the horde grew.
At the end of the Year of the Reaping the war had spread into the middle hive and the PDF had been called to handle the battle.

Year of Havoc:
The Day of Silence - The Day of Silence heralded the Year of Havoc. On the Day of Silence dawn found the astropaths dead in their beds. A collective psychic scream reverberated throughout the early hours and no creature with psychic ability was left alive.
When darkness again settled on the Day of Silence the sky was filled with lights. All the satellites in orbit came crashing into the surface. Like missiles they slammed into the city causing great damage.

The Day of the Cult - The following days other systems in the hive started to act strange. All power for unessential systems was rerouted to an unknown source in the underhive. The Magos Superior summoned all the other tech priest into the main control tower to solve the problem. The doors were locked and no one was allowed to leave or enter until their work was done. This day was known as the day of the cult (referring to the cult of Mechanicus and not some chaos cult).

A new wave of servitors welled out from the depths and the PDF was pushed back. The streets of the middle hive was an all out active war zone and refugees crowded the gates to the upper spire. High society in the upper spire locked themselves behind the gates and left the refugees to fend for themselves.

At the end of the Year of Havoc a news feed was broadcast from the upper tier. The doors to the control tower was opening and the worried masses had gathered outside it to hear the news. The feed picked up the Magos Superior walking out of the dark portal to the tower and behind him walks a horrible abomination. Before it can be identified the news feed is cut off and nothing has been heard from the upper spire ever since. It has been completely sealed.

The Exodus - Panic spread and there was a mass evacuation. People fled to the ships in the riots that followed and people were killed by the hundreds. The ships never made it, as soon as they left orbit the planets defense system activated and they were blown out of the sky. A halo of debris now surrounds the planet and every now and then it comes crashing down.

Year of the Blight:
The year of havoc ended and the year of blight began. Ash now falls from the ventilation shafts and dust settles on the empty buildings. Habitation blocks are long since abandoned and servitors roam the streets looking for more victims. There are secluded pockets with survivors, even societies that still works but they grow fewer and fewer and resources more scarce.
Servitors still roam the streets looking for victims to drag down into the lower hive.

Game play:
My thought is two acolytes sent there or stationed on the planet for a whole different reason. Since the Day of Silence they have been trying to contact the outside world to report in, without success. After a while it became more about survival then duty and any attempts to reach beyond the planet was put on hold. Now when things has quiet down and everyone still alive has adjusted to the new life they take it upon themselves to find a solution again.

It doesn't really have to be imperial agents either. I can see imperial guard and soldiers or just local hivers whose interest coincide with each other. What I would like to avoid is someone who is purely focused on fighting. I would prefer a survival/horror type of setting rather than space-marine-shoot-anything-that-moves type of thing.

Now I'm willing to change a lot so the story will fit us both. This isn't my project and you are invited, I rather it be our project and we both work on it. But if you would rather I GM then that is fine too.

For someone not used to play by post it means you write everything instead of acting it out like you normally would. I prefer to use mail or some form of instant messenger as tool but I could use anything if needed. We'll work something out.

Anyone interested?
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