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Hey people, So I got the Blood angel codex yesterday and I've been working on an army list that I think is pretty cool
I was planning on going 1,500 points but I thought the extra 250 is tempting so why not..

Here is what I have so far, what do you think??

HQ: The Sangunior - 275
HQ: Astorath the Grim - 220

Elite: Sang Guard (5) - 240
1x Power fist
1x Infernus Pistol
1x Chapter Banner

Elite: Sang Priest - 78
x Jump pack
x Storm Bolter

Elite: Furiso Dreadnought - 125
x Blood Talons

Troop: Tac Squad (10) - 205
x Power wep
x Lascannon
x Plasma gun

Troop: Assault Squad (10) - 240
x Flamer
x Power Fist
x Infernus Pistol

Troop: Death Company (5) - 200
x Jump pack
x Power Fist

Fast: Baal Predator - 140
x Heavy Flamer Sponsons

with 2 points left :grin:

My tactics (If that's what you call them :p )

- Send the Sanguinor and sang guard to tackle big things E.G. Special characters.

- Send Astorath Leading the Death Company to go on a suicide run, trying to thin out the enemy numbers Via Deep strike.

- Use the tac. marines to claim objectives And/Or Shoot at enemies from afar

- Use the Assault marines and Sang priest to do whatever (claim objectives, deep strike, flank etc.)

- Use the Baal Pred and Furiso Dreddy to clean up anything that might be trouble

Advice bitte?
I would like to know how this army would do.
Cheers :drinks:

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Ive been warned of taking Tactical Squads in BA lists, the Assault Squads can achieve better attacks in Close Combat (which is their specialty).

I've never used Sanguinor or the Sang Guard, but the Priests are almost essential in a BA army. Personally i would have 2, one for each squad, and that way i can effeciently buff both squads.

i would give the the Sang Priest a PW or nothing, attach him to the assault squad so the 2 PW's can tear up MeQ and TeQ Armor saves.

I love the Death Company, many here will tell you don't use them cause theyre very point heavy, My DC has a PF and TH with Lemartes instead of Asaroth, he's 50 points cheaper, and he gives Liturgies of Blood, already has a Jetpack, and a MC PW, he's cheaper than a Chaplain with all the same gear, wich makes him almost essential if you're going to add a leader to the DC. (not to mention he doesnt take up an HQ slot). Asaroth while good and really tough doesn't have a whole lot of bonuses, he's expensive, and his best benefit is that you can field as many squads of DC that you want, whether thats a good thing or not is strictly up to you.

you can drop them, but understand that they will be very vulnerable. some suggest a Rhino for transporting them (but honestly, both strategies to me are Death Traps.) I've yet to see anyone try a Drop Pod, or if you're really creative, build a Storm Raven Gunship, then you could hold the 6 man DC squad and a DC dread, fly in guns blazing with the SRG, and throw the madmen out the back to tassle with remaining forces. (the SRG would also have better Anti Tank weaponry.)

Furioso Dreads are good, but you want to drop him from a Pod, and with Dreads you usually want 2, if you have one dread they'll just focus on it, if you have two they'll be running scared. (ofcourse, i run 1 DC dread, but i have a more mechanized list so i'm usually not that worried about it)

God, i Love Baal Predators, i wish i had built Flamer sponsons on mine (although i could just say theyre flamers). they're great anti infantry units for the Codex and they dont take up HS slots, leaving you room for more mechanized units, i refer to the BA as the 'Imperial Guard' of the Marine Codex. But, with that, i've seen alot of people go Predator/Baal Predator tanks, for the fact that they provide Anti Armor AND anti infantry, and only take up 1 slot each, good deal since the BA fast attacks aren't too prevalent with amazing choices.

other than that it feels like alot of points have been soaked into some things like the Sang Guard and Sanguinor, although he is a beast of an HQ. you could totally do without Asaroth and use the 200pts to field another Assault Squad, or Transportation for the Furioso and DC, or take a DC dread wich also has blood talons at a discount to the Furioso, taking a regular Pred could also mean taking out the Plasma gun and Lascannon and Baal Pred, saving more points for addittional gear.

if you do decide not to use Sanguinor, a Libby with Blood Lance and Wings or Wings and Sword with Eclusiarch is a cheap and effective HQ, with Sword he'll hit at WS10 and with Wings you could literally put him in Terminator armor and fly around the field like a Jump pack. Take out (Or Keep) the Sang guard and put him in any form of retinue would make an excellent HQ setup.

But, Elite units are prime and useful in the BA codex, i would proxy and playtest it first but at 1750 it's not very troop heavy (my list has like 40 infantry, 5 tanks, and walker) and its not very Anti Armor heavy (that tac squad isn't gonna have the Beef to take on several tanks)

I think it's got some potential, i haven't seen how the Sanguinor and Sang Guard do in combat, but putting them aside, it feels like it's too small for 1750, i would definately weigh who you can toss out to afford more units. the mix of PW's is alright, you can Glance some tanks with it, the Tac squad just seems out of place to me. (and i've learned from experience, alot of people Dog the Crap out of Tac squads in BA codex, Why when the SM fast attack is now a troop choice?)

on a side note, Flamers are only 5pts in Assault Squads, if you take 5 w/o jump packs, stash them in Razorbacks with Lascannons or Las/plas, you can add 5pts to give that 5 man squad a flamethrower and they make great All-Around units for Infantry/Armor. the Flamer to suck up squads and then charge the squad, shoot the pistols first, 4 more possible wounds, and then you get 15 attacks, Marines hit on a usual 3 or better, and usually wound on a 4 or better, there goes their squad. if they aren't dead they're likely fleeing.

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too many bells and whistles.

i wouldn't take the Sanguinor; he's awesome, no denying that, but there's so much out there that's better in the BA codex, IMO, like Astorath.

i guess it depends what style you want to play. if you want an IC destroyer Sanguinor is the way to go, but Astorath buffs your whole list.

i would drop the Sang. Guard and DC as well. i do agree that you're Troop light (25 Troop models and only 20 of those are scoring could be bad).

your Dread needs a pod, your RAS should have two melta guns, and your Tact squad should have no upgades save a LC if your using it as a sit a home unit.

you have nasty units, no denying that, but they're too few. i prefer large quantities of MEQs, i never seem to have enough of the monster units to do well, but that's just me.

good hunting.
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