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Well i was bored and wanted to play with my new models so time to play a friendly list for a while since people hate my blood angels now days!!

Warp Generator\Scorpion chainsword\Fusion Gun\Mandi-Blaster

5 Striking Scorpions-112
Scorpion Claw\Biting Blade
Wave Serpent-110
Sherk Cannons\Spirit Stones

5 pathfinders-120
5 dire avengers-60
17 guardians-151 With Scatter Laser

Fast Attack-142
5 Warpspiders-142
Exarch\Duel Spinners\Withdraw

Heavy Support-527
Nightspinner-150 "Holo-Fields"
5 Dark Reapers-207 "Tempest Launcher"
Eldar Missile Launcher\Holo-Fields

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#1 Eldar are not friendly :)

#2 GW broke BA like they always do. Thats why people don't like them. GW forgets Balance and does what ever. I think White Scars should have Turbo charges rhinos and Preds ect, and thats just from reading the codex. I dont play the scars.

#3 I am not going to say your list is crap or wrong. I will say if it was me, I feel a little light in the Anti Armor area.

I think 2 guardian squads would work better flankng your avatar. I would drop the pathfinders to add another squad of guardians and beef up my scorpions. TL BL on the WS to get more of a punch.
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