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I think certainly if you're going to go Venerable then the MM is the best option - you waste his BS5 by giving him a Template weapon. I would also suggest an Autocannon for his second arm if you can convert one up or grab one from Forgeworld since you're facing Dark Eldar, and they really don't like Autocannons at all.

My personal opinion would be to make the Tac squads 5 men (thus allowing you to buy more units with the points saved) or to make them 10 man with a Heavy, then combat squad them so 4 + Heavy deploy in cover, and 3 + Sarge + Special Pod in T1, and gives you room for Tiggy with whoever you like. I certainly don't think the Beacon is necessary since the only things you are going to be DS-ing are Pods, and they are already immune to Mishaps and scatter minimally, so I'd spend the points elsewhere. :)
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