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Ok, so lately I've been getting bored with using the same list over and over. I feel I need a change of pace, so I wanted to try something different. This list really isn't built for tournaments at all, but I feel it could still do well in the more competitive environments.

Champions of Fenris (Company of the great wolf detachment)
Wolf Guard Battle Leader
-Runic Armour
-Thunderwolf mount
-Storm shield
-Krakenbone sword

-Drop pod

Wolf Guard Terminators (x5)
-TH and SS (Leader)
-Frost sword (x1)
-Power Axes (x3)
-Stormwolf 215pts

Fast Attack
Thunderwolf cavalry (x3)
-Storm shields (x2)

Thunderwolf cavalry (x3)
-Storm shields (x2)

Void Claws (x5)

Allied detachment
Militarum Tempestus Command Squad (x5)
-Meltagun (x4)

Miltarum Tempestus Scions (x5)
-Meltagun (x2)

Those who don't know, the company of the great wolf detachment changes force org chart to 1 HQ and 2 Elites compulsory and does not have objective secured, so left the troops behind.
Void claws are basically walking comm relays, giving me re-rolls to reserves so long as one of them is alive. Roll either on strategic or the warlord traits from the champions book.

Turn 1, Murderfang and void claws drop down, most likely on the same side as each by themselves is going to get eaten alive. Void claws will probably be more defensive, making sure they are still alive to help out the reserves. This will most likely lead to them going for a midfield objective rather than in the enemies face. WGBL and the cavalry make use of the turn 1 distraction and charge up the board as quick as possible using cover.

Turn 2, So long as a void claw is alive, pretty much will get everything else on the board. Temptestus are there for cheap melta.

Completely flawed? I know tau interceptor list will eat me alive, along with the majority of horde lists.
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