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1 Black orc boss
Boar, Heavy Armor, Ulag Akrits Axe

20 Boyz
Full command, add Choppa

20 night Gobos
Boss, 3 fanatics, nets

10 Forest goblin spider riders
full command, Bows

20 Black orcs
Full command

3 river trolls

1 Boar chariot

The main idea is to use the Black orcs as the hammer, the spider riders are joined by the boss to draw fire and race across the field followed by the chariots. then the Night goblins and boyz follow behind to tie up any threats until they can be dealt with along with the trolls.
Poaint came out to roughhly around 1300 or so give or take havent finished putting the army together yet and this is still a rough draft, so any thoughts or comments would be great.
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