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The Board Room Game Center in Saginaw, MI is running a 40k Teams Tournament on January 12th, 2012.

Where: The Board Game Center, Saginaw MI
Address: 3085 Bay Road, Saginaw, Mi 48603 (right by Biggby Coffee)
Phone: 989-295-0522

Size: 2000 (1000 each)
Cost: $25 per team.
Date: 1/12/2013
Time: Noon.

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/events/117927235032988/

Come out for the 40k Teams Tournament at the Board Room.

Doors open at 10am, Dice roll at Noon. $25 per team. This will be a one list, 2000pt tournament 1000 pts per team mate. Normal FOC for both team mates. 20 slots will be open. Additional points for well painted armies.

Team Pairing is based on the 40k 6th Edition Rule Book using the Allies rules for how the team can interact. The Desperate Allies rules will use the Allies of Convenience Rules. . Tyranids can only team with Tyranids using Blood Brothers. Same Codex are Blood Brothers.

- No Allies for 1000 pt FOC.

- Fortifications - Max points for Fortifications is 150pts.
- Provide your own fortifications

- Fortification placement rule for the Tournament.

* Prior to deployment, and beginning with the player deploying first, each player must deploy any Fortifications they may have in their own deployment zones. Fortifications may not be placed within 3" of a board edge. Fortifications can only be placed where the terrain allows space for it. If it is impossible to deploy a Fortification, the controlling player may adjust one piece of terrain the minimum distance necessary for their Fortification to be deployed.

- Painting guidelines: (7pt total) (Both players count as 1 view)
4pt guidelines are.
Fully painted army with min 3 colors. No unpainted model showing.
Base: Painted and material on it.
Extra pt for painted better then tabletop quality, (looks good from closer then foot half away).
Players Choice 1st 2pt. 2nd 1pt.

Sportsmanship Scoring. Possible total 15 pts. (these are added at the end of the day)
- Possible 3 points per Game: 9pts total. and 6pts for follow ranking.

Provide 1 copy of list to Judge. (should have min of 3, 1 for the Judge, 1 for your opponent on request and 1 for yourself)

Some required items: Tape Measure, Dice, Templates, 3 Copies of Army list, Army Codex,6th Ed. 40k Rule book. Which all can be bought at the store.

If you don't have your Army Codex, you will lose any army rule challenges. This is at the discretion of the TO/Main Judge to prevent over and over challenges of known rules.

Extra Tournament point if Significant Other is also playing.

Sign up at the Store or Call.
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