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Myself and a few friends are starting a campaign soon to take over a map we have designed, now most rules are followed the only new one is that 1 character represents you he starts off at hero level and later upgrades he is also allowed any amount of points in magic weapons as you wish as long as you obey the normal restrictions (only 1 magic weapon and such) he also doesnt take up any hero allowance so you still have your full 25%.

EMPIRE 1,000


Warrior priest – 147

BSB – 93
Full plate

Wizard – 90
Dispel scroll

Engineer – 65

40 halberdiers – 260
Musician, standard

15 swordsman – 105


Cannon – 120


HBVG – 120

I will be expecting to see a hell pit at some point so i hope the cannon can deal with that accordingly. The HBVG should whittle any units they have down and hopefully protect my flank. the big block will kill anything left whilst the swordsman will be there to remove ranks and just give a bit of help.

any ways critique away thank you also keep in mind i have not had a game with the new empire yet.

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