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  1. Roleplay Games
    I've always been very interested in giving this Dark Heresy thing a try, I've already designed a full character, I just need to select skills, equipment, etcetera. I'm a little bit interested in something along the lines of survival, perhaps a hive city with a serious plague zombie problem? A...
  2. WFB Houserules and Homebrews
    Alright, me and my friends were tired of playing against each other so we decided to make a co-op game. Terrain: You grab an average gaming board, some fortifications, make a castle. We just used a straight wall 28 inches from our edge of the board. We played North vs South deployment. Had a...
  3. Archived Events
    A N I M O S I T Y Events aim to bring together the Warhammer 40,000 gaming community for exciting, narrative based gaming events. The objective of Animosity Events is to allow players to play in noncompetitive story driven encounters, in which the power of the narrative is more important than...
  4. Mantic Zombies [Back]

    The back of the Mantic zombies sprue.
  5. Mantic Zombies [Front]

    The front of the Mantic zombie sprue for Kings of War.
  6. Zombie

1-6 of 6 Results