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  1. Trading Area
    Hi all. Have the following orks: 1 Gazghkull Thraka - painted (alternative blue armour) and based 1 Big Mek with KFF - painted and based 30 Boyz - part painted 10 Nobz - part painted 5 Kommandos - base coated 1 Boss Snikrot - base coated 4 Cyborkz - part painted 1 Painboy - Base coated 1 Killa...
  2. eBay Listings
    I'm just selling my 40k stuff which consists of Space Wolves miniatures which could also be Space Marines and Eldar miniatures. I'll be adding links to the listings as I put them up. Message me if you have any questions (preferably on eBay). Space Wolves/Marines Vindicator...
  3. thunderwolf cavalr

    ive just finished of these thunderwolves please let me know what you think of them
1-3 of 3 Results