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  1. Project Logs
    I'm going to be posting "how to" videos for gaming, scale model making, pen and paper RPGs, and flying my drone in the wilderness - because flying robots are awesome. My most recent video is a tutorial for making a necromunda style stubber pistol for under $10. I'm a big believer in not...
  2. Project Logs
    Started an Ork army in Winter of 2013. Slowly but steadily adding new models each month or so. Many are magnetized for conversion. These pics are older and many new pieces are completed. I intend to do a better photography job going forward. Let me know what you think.
  3. Project Logs
    So changing armies over to Space Wolves, (and getting rid of other stuff). So some good deals over on eBay have gotten me a good start. I really should have done these guys from the start. Whats not to love about werewolf space vikings in power armor. I've got some Grey Hunters that I'm doing...
  4. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    Howdy y'all. I've decided to come back into 40k and this means go through my models that are sitting in storage. Basically I've decided to take the Helbrute formations to boot, and I have two army lists based on the Helcult and Mayhem Pack. I need help in choosing which one to use as I want...
  5. Modelling and Painting
    Starting in on a treeman, now! So far, I'm having a blast. I've just done the head, sort of a dopey-yet-grumpy, lopsided face, pealing bark, a few spites, some mushrooms, etc. Considering either some draped vines or moss off of the left branch/stump, what do you guys think? From the front...
  6. Project Logs
    I'm currently in the process of modelling and painting a Deathwatch Kill-Team to use during tabletop roleplaying games and guard my dice while I sleep. So far I've completed an Ultramarines Tactical and a Dark Angels Devastator marine in that order, and now I'm in the process of putting together...
  7. Project Logs
    Hi all, I have been playing wh for some time, but the painting and conversion part has always been a bit lagging :) I now have reached that point, that I am confident enough to show some of my work. Here is the link to my photo stream with some of my work...
  8. Hellion WIP

    Dark Eldar Hellion.
  9. Diorama Work in Progress

    First i painted the base to look like Slate and then glued a Chaos Space marine which i painted (taken from the three Chaos Marine Snap together box) will be adding a Wounded Space Marine and a Ammo Crate to complete the Diorama
  10. Stormraven

    I'm having issues with the pilot's canopy atm... it won't sit flush with the body when the techmarine is inside & of course there is still painting to be done.
  11. Sarpedon

    Chapter Master. This one took me the longest to model, mainly because the metal figure torso & head wouldn't sit on the legs without them collapsing into a heap. The legs are pretty much done, need to finish the upper body.
  12. Tellos

    Mutated Assault Captain. Body = Boss Snikrot & GS, head is from the SW. I finally got the body paints set how I wanted. It took me several months to visualize it in my head.
  13. Librarian Dreadnought

    WIP... I just got the right arm magnetized & am starting to convert it into a 'nought-sized lightning claw. Other than that, it's primed and ready for paint. Originally this was a Dread out of the Black Reach box, that a noob cut apart off of the sprue. I saw that he was throwing it away & c
  14. Genestealer WIP Alien

    The Good Camera is on the fritz, so I'm reduced to using the camera on the computer, but here is my progress thus far from the Jar o' Genestealers posted earlier.
  15. P3170103

    WIP Ork Trukks
1-17 of 17 Results