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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey folks ! A new Youtube-Channel is rising ;-) Welcome to the Lone Wolf Tabletop Youtube-Channel. I just getting started, so it's still some work to do, but i i hope you will like my content and my very first english battlereport. Feedback and likes and subscribes are very welceom ;-) Thanks...
  2. Painting and Modelling Services
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi all! I never really made one of these way back when, so I think I'll do it now; mainly play Empire, Orks and 'Codex' Marines(or possibly Imperial Fists soon).... - I forget how I found this place... - Leinster, Ireland - School sucked; I'd prefer to forget it - First forum I joined was...
  4. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    HQ Daemon Prince -205 Wings Power Armor Troops CSM Squad x10 -185 Melta gun Aspiring Champion w/Power fist Heavy Bolter CSM Squad x10 -160 Flamer Close combat weapons x8 Aspiring Champion w/Power Weapon CSM Squad x10 -165 Plasma Gun Heavy...
  5. Roleplay Threads
    Hello. I am looking people for a rogue trader roleplay with the storyline being: A rogue trader of questionable ethics and means, let alone mental state, finds a person of interesting past on his journey from planet to planet. From her, he hears rumors of a functioning artifact from long...
  6. Project Logs
    I'm currently in the process of modelling and painting a Deathwatch Kill-Team to use during tabletop roleplaying games and guard my dice while I sleep. So far I've completed an Ultramarines Tactical and a Dark Angels Devastator marine in that order, and now I'm in the process of putting together...
  7. DA successor dread and techmarine

    dread with twin-linked autocannon and running techmarine
  8. DA successor bikes and speeder

    bikes a trike and a landspeeder
  9. Black templars standart bearer

    black templars standart,build at C: armageddon
  10. salamanders rhino

    rhino with extra armor and self-seeking missile
  11. salamanders dread and termies

    dread and termies in self-mixed green
  12. salamanders HQ and tacs

    salamanders,started before C:armageddon,redone once,not actualized to SM2004
  13. Salamanders predator Destructor

    old pred. destructor (metal parts) with flamer sponsons
1-20 of 20 Results