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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi all! I never really made one of these way back when, so I think I'll do it now; mainly play Empire, Orks and 'Codex' Marines(or possibly Imperial Fists soon).... - I forget how I found this place... - Leinster, Ireland - School sucked; I'd prefer to forget it - First forum I joined was...
  2. Chaos Marines Army Lists
    HQ Daemon Prince -205 Wings Power Armor Troops CSM Squad x10 -185 Melta gun Aspiring Champion w/Power fist Heavy Bolter CSM Squad x10 -160 Flamer Close combat weapons x8 Aspiring Champion w/Power Weapon CSM Squad x10 -165 Plasma Gun Heavy...
  3. Roleplay Threads
    Hello. I am looking people for a rogue trader roleplay with the storyline being: A rogue trader of questionable ethics and means, let alone mental state, finds a person of interesting past on his journey from planet to planet. From her, he hears rumors of a functioning artifact from long...
  4. Project Logs
    I'm currently in the process of modelling and painting a Deathwatch Kill-Team to use during tabletop roleplaying games and guard my dice while I sleep. So far I've completed an Ultramarines Tactical and a Dark Angels Devastator marine in that order, and now I'm in the process of putting together...
  5. iron hands vindicator

    iron hands vindicator

  6. iron hands bikes and predator

    iron hands bikes and predator

  7. Iron Hands tac squad

    Iron Hands tac squad

  8. Iron Hands dread

    Iron Hands dread

  9. DA successor tornado landspeeder

    DA successor tornado landspeeder

    landspeeder tornado
  10. DA successor dread and techmarine

    DA successor dread and techmarine

    dread with twin-linked autocannon and running techmarine
  11. DA successor bikes and speeder

    DA successor bikes and speeder

    bikes a trike and a landspeeder
  12. Black templars standart bearer

    Black templars standart bearer

    black templars standart,build at C: armageddon
  13. salamanders rhino

    salamanders rhino

    rhino with extra armor and self-seeking missile
  14. salamanders landspeeder

    salamanders landspeeder

  15. salamanders front rank

    salamanders front rank

    front photo
  16. salamanders dread and termies

    salamanders dread and termies

    dread and termies in self-mixed green
  17. salamanders HQ and tacs

    salamanders HQ and tacs

    salamanders,started before C:armageddon,redone once,not actualized to SM2004
  18. Salamanders predator Destructor

    Salamanders predator Destructor

    old pred. destructor (metal parts) with flamer sponsons