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  1. Two Brass Necron Warriors

    My first two Necron warriors together. for my first painting it turned out pretty good or at least that's what I think.
  2. Chaos Knight (2)

    Another view of one of my Chaos Knights
  3. Chaos Knight

    Here is one of my Warrior of Chaos Knights
  4. Chaos Knight Champion (2)

    Another view of my Knight Champion.
  5. Chaos Knight Champion

    Here is one of my Chaos Knight Champions
  6. Chaos Battle Sorceror Back

    Another shot of my Battle Sorceror.
  7. Chaos Battle Sorceror Front

    Here is my Chaos Baattle Sorceror, this year's GD mini.
  8. Dark Elf Warrior Champion

    Here's a close up of the Dark Elf Warrior Champion. I decided I wanted him to stand out that bit more, so painted his shield emblem gold as I do for my Dreadlord and eventually my Cold One Knights. I also painted part of his helmet gold. I figure a unit Champion has seen many battles and would have
1-8 of 8 Results