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  1. Trading Area
    Hello all, I am looking to sell my Cryx army following a clear out. Its painful to let it go, bu needs must! Cryx Army for sale - 135 models and all tokens/counters: Forces of Warmachine: Cryx Softcover Cryx Faction Deck (2010) Casters: Epic Deneghra (with sculpted base) Deneghra (with...
  2. Modelling and Painting
    I have been assembling and painting up some more of my Cryx for Warmachine. My Cryx are mostly made up of the loyalist-pirate side (Terminus, Skarre & Coven as opposed to Asphyxious / Deneghra). I have been doing some Satyxis Raiders. My criteria for these is mostly that they look good from...
1-2 of 2 Results