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  1. Painting and Modelling Services
    Hello and welcome to Art-W Studio miniature painting service. Get a free quote. Check out our gallery. Always open for commissions. 3 levels of quality available: Game, Ornate and Premium. Many satisfied and returning customers (we don't say it we say it the more than 130 5-star reviews we have...
  2. General 40k
    In light of recent Imperial Guard rules changing the Hammer of the Emperor rule to not be valid in a Guard army if it contains both Tempestus Scions and normal guard units, I decided to replace my Tempestus Scion squad with a veteran squad and another bullgryn. I don’t want my painted Scions to...
  3. General 40k
    G’day one and all, and welcome to Legends & War, a Legends & Lore Warhammer 40k podcast, coming straight to your ear canals from Down Under. Today, we discuss all things Arc40k, Australia's largest Warhammer 40k tournament which the L&L team attended.
  4. General 40k
    Hello! I am just curious to see how many people in the area would be interested in getting together painting or playing in a cafe environment. I run a small cafe in ambleside and think it would be a perfect spot for all of us to get together weekly, monthly just whenever really and paint, play...
  5. General Warhammer
    Hello everyone, I am having a serious problem recently. When I try to download and install 'Total War: Warhammer', I encounter a problem, such as my C drive turning red. I don't understand why I am having this kind of problem. But when I cancel the installation process, C drive becomes normal...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! I found this forum while looking for resources that help me improve my knowledge about Warhammer. Just popping in to say hello and introduce myself. I'm here to learn from the experiences of others in this community. Looking forward to interacting with you!
  7. General 40k
    Dear fans, Hi! Let us introduce you into the new collection figurines of Space Legats! Innovative eco technology of production, worldwide delivery and genuine pleasure of Warhammer 40K's experience came true (IRL)! Already in sell for pretty tasty price - starting just from 73$! P.S. The...
  8. Trading Area
    Hey guys I am relatively new to this whole forums thing so pardon any odd usage here. But, I am on the hunt for a Gorgon Transport to add to my Krieg army. I have no luck anywhere else on the interest but I am hoping I can get some more help here. If you have a Gorgon Transport or know someone...
  9. Modelling and Painting
    28mm miniatures! Now, you can lead your armies with an unforgettable Orc warlord, or have one of our goblins sneak through the back lines.
  10. New Member Introductions
    HI IM NEW!! -translated from heretical texts.
  11. eBay Listings
    Hi all, Want to sell a copy of The Imperial Infantryman's Handbook. Link to book Collected in a single kitbag volume, 'The Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer' and 'The Imperial Munitorum Manual' provide a wealth of background on the history, tactics and ethos of the Imperial Guard.
  12. Modelling and Painting
    Steve here, with a fun start to the weekend by asking a fun question: What are some of your best hobby mistakes? This is a light-hearted post. The premise here is that I was in the middle of destroying one of my new Legion Moritats that I bought from Forgeworld (link) and I grew nostalgic...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a gift for you! Many of you have expressed an interest in our products, but want them in 28mm size. We have listened to you, and now we are proud to present that size as an option for pledging! We want to make sure that you have the options you want in this...
  14. Project Logs
    So it's been probably years since I have put my face on these forums and it's probably time I get back to where it all started... I've had some very hectic tournaments in the last few years, focusing primarily on CSM but moved the start of 2016 to the loyalist and superior codex of SPACE...
  15. Skaven Army Lists
    Hi i am new to Skaven and Warhammer Fantasy in general( but a long time 40k player) and i am wondering if this army list would be any use in a competitive stand point, or perhaps just a friendly game? heroes: warplock engineer 95 points level 1 wizard doomrocket chieftain 74 points shield...
  16. Darkmatter 40k - talos pain engine

    Darkmatter 40k, we do commision painting for armies and terrain. check out http://darkmatter40k.weebly.com
  17. Darkmatter 40k - venoms

    Darkmatter 40k, we do commision painting for armies and terrain. check out http://darkmatter40k.weebly.com
1-18 of 64 Results