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  1. Wargaming Miniature Manufacturers
    Banner, Steed & Lance is a new tabletop wargame in development from Bayonet & Ricochet miniatures. A preview of the concepts and story behind the upcoming wargame below. Also, don't forget to check out our Bayonet & Ricochet's Twitter page and Instagram. In an effort to fund this project, our...
  2. Wargaming Miniature Manufacturers
    Hi All We are currently working on our new Website, sorting out new photos and a long list of things we need painted or touched up. Thought I'd include a quick sample of our British Commandoes. Hope you like. Cheers, John [email protected]
  3. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another batrep in for you all. My Tyranids take on my brothers Eldar/Dark Eldar combo. Hope you all enjoy :). Tyranids Vs Eldar/Dark Eldar 1750 Pts Crusade watch?v=tPm1ePXHwlo
  4. Scenery & Basing
    Hello and welcome to this thread which is gonna be a quite long and in some respect an exprimential terrain making thread. As the title say I will experiment with some real life plants and see which is easy to use as a basis for cheap terrain in wargaming. This will be an ongoing thread with new...
  5. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, got another batrep here for you! Got in a game at my local GW store against a Necron player. Enjoy, jvrcCrzbRQQ
  6. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, I traveled down to my local GW store today and got a few games in. First match is a 1250 Pt match against…Tyranids! Enjoy, share, and subscribe! Vg2JgT55A7E
  7. Kickstarters
    Hi there, just letting everyone know there's a cool new kickstarter by Alien Dungeon to launch their new game All Quiet on the Martian Front, set after the first alien invasion as told in H.G. Well's novel The War of the Worlds, so far there are american and martian armies, but the British...
  8. Hi!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm new back into the wargaming. Working as a design engineer for plastics kind of reignited my teenage interests of Space Marines and LOTR. I just couldn't resist having a look about online and we all know what happens from there. Thought I'd just check out the forums to interact more...
1-9 of 10 Results