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  1. Old One Eye .....

    from several years ago. a tyranid special character :-)
  2. Old One Eye .....

    from several years ago. a tyranid special character :-)
  3. Old One Eye .....

    from several years ago. a tyranid special character :-)
  4. New paint scheme, please comment

    Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the paintscheme. First time painting Tyranids so I`m not really sure what to go for as far as colours and patterns are concerned.
  5. Paint sceme test, feedback please

    Here are some og the paint schemes or rather ideas for paint schemes that I am considering for my army of Nids. They are all quickly painted so the quality as a bit of, but I guess the general idea of the colours I want to use is there. Please come with feedback and/or ideas to paint schemes.
  6. Kerrigan; Queen of Blades

    A friend stopped me one day and told me they would pay through the nose and also start a Tyranid army if I was able to produce for them a Kerrigan Model. So I did. That is about two weeks worth of work (actually only a few hours here and there, but when you work for a living, then the projects jus
  7. Alien Brain Bug; The Zoanthrope

    I was initially hesitant about this model, but it has grown on me.
  8. Alien Warriors 2

    It took a while for me to get the heads right, I have a couple of earlier models that also have wings molded onto them. The heads are all different and laughable at best. But I was the only one working with Greenstuff at the time, so whatever I came up with was three steps above everybody else, bu
  9. Alien Warriors 1

    The head is the mouth piece from the sprue, with a wire for support and then it is nothing but greenstuff.
  10. The Queen of the Hive

    Hive Tyrant converted to be taller with a longer neck to make room for the crest.
  11. Alien Genestealer front

    He's coming for you. Greenstuff with wire.
  12. one Alien Genestealer sideview

    My Alien themed Genestealer, with the elongated head, the extended tail, and the back tubes. All together a lot of greenstuff and time.
  13. The Alien Swarm

    The chitinous swarm of aliens face off against the Blood Angels.
61-75 of 75 Results