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  1. General 40k
    Did some more doodles, had some more fun making a vid. Click here for Youtube
  2. Modelling and Painting
    Grabbing an empty wine box and seeing what happens trying to turn it into a bombed out Astra Militarum headquarters using spackling paste, baking powder and some mod podge with some chicken wire and balsa wood. A fun project that came out much better than I anticipated. Bitchute: Warhammer 40K...
  3. Modelling and Painting
    Starting my second ever unit - my Tyranid Warriors and the Prime. What worked, what sucked, what ruled. Bitchute Youtube
  4. Converting, Modelling and Green Stuff
    Hey everyone, I put together a video to show the method I used to magnetize my Tyranid Monsters/Weapons. Hope you all enjoy. Please leave a comment and subscribe if you liked the video.
  5. Modelling and Painting
    Even though it's name is just a period joke, I always liked the Red Terror on the tabletop. The metal one I had is long gone somehow, and the resin one ain't gonna survive the Australian summer. :laugh: So I made a plastic one. Raverner box. Two tails long, two sets of the large size scything...
  6. Modelling and Painting
    I found a full hormagaunt box that I must have bought ages ago. Win. Also found a few tyranid biomorph sprues, fully intact. So I decided to convert these hormagaunts into termagants. I cut up the straight bounding legs, shaved them along the joints into new angles and re-glued them. The...
  7. Modelling and Painting
    My plans for this monster remain unclear, however its construction does allow me options. Due to its base size and the base model itself, it is easily justifiable as a trygon. The neurothrope head carapace marks it as a Prime easily and I doubt I would have much trouble calling it a mawloc...
  8. Modelling and Painting
    Title pretty much says it all. I bought the Tyranid Swarm box, and just glued the Carnifex. I wanted to give it two pairs of twin-linked devourers, but the sprues only had one pair, so i glued the other pair as Deathspitters, which I intend to proxy as devourers. Not a big deal, but it's still...
  9. Painting and Modelling Services
    I love it when someone commissions me to kill space marines....Poor marines Even the ones the Hierophant ignores get destroyed by the flora. "Pandora will chew you up and spit you out!" for more projects and more views of this guy see my blog.
  10. Modelling and Painting
    Last week I finally started painting my biotitan. My local gw manager was kind enough to let me leave it at the store while I do to avoid nasty transport related damage, so I've been getting there the last couple weekends to work on it. It is a hell of a job. I'm used to being able to sit and...
  11. Modelling and Painting
    Tyranids struggle with armour values, it's one of their most defining weaknesses. I mean sure, they have their ways, but these are typically easy to counter. Zoanthropes rely on psychic abilities and have very limited range. And anything else either has an average ballistic skill or needs to be...
  12. Houserules and Homebrews
    http://www.mediafire.com/download/ebm5pnhmi9g67lg/Tyranid+Codex+v+2.1.pdf Link to the newest Tyranid Fandex, includes updates based on the 6th edition codex. I actually lost my old files in a crash, so this new one is based on parts reconstructed from the old pdf's. A lot of extra work, but I...
  13. Trading Area
    Hey guys, I've nearly finished painting a large Tyranid army (Hive Fleet Mordecai) and it will shortly be in need of a good home. The models total about 2700pts without upgrades and are worth over £520 new in store. A quick list of all the models on offer: HQ - 1 x Hive Tyrant w. Wings &...
  14. Tyranid Army Lists
    995 pts HQ (280 pts) The Swarmlord (280) Elites (200) Doom of Malan'tai (90 pts) - Mycetic Spore -Barbed Strangler 1 Zoanthrope (60 pts) Troops (510) 10 Termagants (50 pts) 10 Termagants (50 pts) Tervigon (160 pts) -Cluster Spines (free) -Regeneration -Catalyst Tervigon...
  15. Tyranid Lictor  Death Leaper [Back]

    Tyranid Lictor ? Death Leaper Back. Product Code: 999110106056
  16. Tyranid Lictor – Death Leaper [Front]

    Tyranid Lictor – Death Leaper Front. Product Code: 999110106056
  17. Last Moment of Quiet

    My first attempt at a 40k picture involving an Ultramarine Librarian and a Zoanthrope, its not an action picture but I hope to expand into that kind of pic in the future. Never having drawn a Space Marine or Tyranid before I welcome comments on improving my style. (I can't colour atm due to severe
  18. Troops as far as the eye can see

    Hormies and Termagaunts mixed with Genestealers. Death cometh!
1-18 of 18 Results