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  1. Trukk 1

    The first of my Trukks, I have heavily weathered it using badaab black, spounging boltgun metal and using Tamiya waethering pigment.
  2. Chimera Trukk

    A looted Chimera I use as a trukk.
  3. Immolator Trukk

    A looted Immolator I use as a Trukk.
  4. Poomba - Trukk 3

    Trukk (Paint job done but still need glyphs on front)
  5. Poomba - Trukk 2

    Trukk (Pint job done, glyphs to be added to front yet)
  6. Poomba - Trukk 1

    Trukk (paint job done, Glyphs to be placed on front yet)
  7. P3170103

    WIP Ork Trukks
1-8 of 8 Results